Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Exam Stress.

At the moment I am stressing majorly over an upcoming psychology exam.. I just don't seem to be able to understand anything! I've been doing practise tests galore and still can not manage to understand it.. The questions are so complicated and I just can not link information with the answers. If anyone can give me some tips for revision or reassurance that psychology exams aren't as bad as I feel they are, please do! I simply can not wait for these exams to be over.


  1. Good luck! You are going to do it great!! :)

    -Iria xx

  2. I don't do psychology but I hope you get some answers soon! Good luck!

  3. I suggest making mind maps & things that you can link things to such as rhymes & stuff. Also once you make your mind map put little pictures next to each one to trigger something and try to picture it in your head. Then read over it 3 times and then recite it (to like the wall or an object) as if your trying to explain a study or something to them. Hope that helps xxx Good luck! xxx P.s. just finished my psychology exams you see!