Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Instagram: ihutcheson

So it seems like everyone has instagram these days, I thought I would post my username invade anyone wants to checkout or follow me! My username is "ihutcheson" as the title of this post suggests.

Naked Palette.

After months of dreaming about the Urban Decay "Naked Palette" I finally caved and bought it! After having it for about a month I have used enough of the colours to give a review for the palette, overall I am very impressed with the way the colours hold such a strong pigment when on the eye that even if I do not have primer on as a base the colour stays relatively the same throughout the day. My most used colours in the palette are: sin, naked, sidecar, half baked, smog and dark horse. As a daytime look I use the first three colours that I listed which can then be transformed into an nighttime look by adding any of the darker colours and a hint of "virgin" (the lightest colour in the palette) to the corner of the eye. I'm so happy that I bought this item and urge you to go and buy it if your do not own it already!