Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Naked Palette.

After months of dreaming about the Urban Decay "Naked Palette" I finally caved and bought it! After having it for about a month I have used enough of the colours to give a review for the palette, overall I am very impressed with the way the colours hold such a strong pigment when on the eye that even if I do not have primer on as a base the colour stays relatively the same throughout the day. My most used colours in the palette are: sin, naked, sidecar, half baked, smog and dark horse. As a daytime look I use the first three colours that I listed which can then be transformed into an nighttime look by adding any of the darker colours and a hint of "virgin" (the lightest colour in the palette) to the corner of the eye. I'm so happy that I bought this item and urge you to go and buy it if your do not own it already!


  1. Took me a while to cave too now Im a Big Fan of both Naked Palettes:)

    Sara xx

    1. Im really happy with this one, now i need to join you and own both palettes! x