Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Room Tour.

Recently I've reached the highest level of procrastination possible, as a result I've completely perfected my bedroom and left it absolutely spotless and organise so decided now is the perfect time to show it off! Here are a few images of the room, hope you enjoy a look into the place where much of my time is spent. *Note this post is picture heavy*

The desk.. Although not alot of work actually happens here!

Perfume Collection.

Flowers are a must when adding life and colour to a room.

The makeup collection (which may continue into the draws below).

Half of the magazine collection with my favourite vase and frame.

This sign and trunk are my ultimate keepsakes.

THE BED! Way to much of my time is spent here..

This pinboard holds a lot of memories. 

A floor to ceiling window provides a vast amount of light, its perfect in the summer months.

Another image of the inboard/desk...