Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Year One.

About a year ago I wrote this "When February finally rolls around and I make my way back to Australia I will hopefully be starting university, I say hopefully because I am stuck at a cross road at the moment and finding the idea of university and choosing courses in a different country quite daunting. It's safe to say that the next year of my life will provide me with many opportunities and changes that I wish to take on with everything I have to make the most of what is thrown my way. Although at the moment I am unsure on a few things, I know for sure that I will enjoy and appreciate this time. It's safe to say that I'll miss alot of things about a school life, however I am excited for what lies ahead."

It crazy what happens in a year, my life has gone from one side of the world to the other. Ive met many people and been to many places that ill never forget. When I got back to Sydney I did start university, studying a Bachelor of Public Relations and Advertising and finally started appreciating the finer things in life like being able to sit in the sun all day and just appreciate its warmth or being around my family and friends. I feel as though Ive also grown up a lot in the last year, I'm more independent and see the things I do as how they will effect not only me but those around me. 

Recently Ive been stuck thinking if the choices Ive made for my life are the ones I actually wish to take, is this the path I want to travel? In reality I'm starting to think it isn't  I had always wanted to be working in PR for the glamour and what I thought the job was but Im starting to think that I don't actually want any of that. I had always hated school from an early age but now that Im finished with it I have realised just how important it was and how much of an impact my teachers had on me. 

Anyway, the next six months will be used to find what it is I want and how I will get there. Hopefully I will work it all out. 

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