Friday, 14 June 2013

What Next?!

After finally finishing school I have reached a point where decisions need to be made about what happens next! Now the summer months are jam packed with exciting adventures around the world, however after September I have nothing on the agenda. I have decided to treat the next few months as a time to provide myself with opportunities, the first of these will be my trips to Greece, Italy France and most importantly America! Whilst in America I have stumbled upon an internship opportunity at the Fashion Institute Gallery in Dallas, I am looking forward to this and pray that it turns out to be as great as I expect. Once returning to London I hope to possibly do an art or fashion short course and see as much of the London art scene as possible.

When February finally rolls around and I make my way back to Australia I will hopefully be starting university, I say hopefully because I am stuck at a cross road at the moment and finding the idea of university and choosing courses in a different country quite daunting. It's safe to say that the next year of my life will provide me with many opportunities and changes that I wish to take on with everything I have to make the most of what is thrown my way. Although at the moment I am unsure on a few things, I know for sure that I will enjoy and appreciate this time. It's safe to say that I'll miss alot of things about a school life, however I am excited for what lies ahead.

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